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About Word Counter

If you want to count some words or characters in a text, you can easily count by Word Counter Tool. The counter tool could be useful when you are willing to write in certain limits of words or characters. A wide range of user counters the challenge of words limits like journalists or writer, the community manager, content writer, students, professional SEO, the researchers, etc. This kind of user may need a tool like Word counter which calculates the number of words and characters for them for their sentences, thesis, message, paragraphs, essays, blogs or articles. In the era of today’s busy life, the content of anything should be written short and powerful. Nobody has time to read long paragraphs due to their limited time. That is why Word counter provides you to choose and change right words to meet the character limit or the number of ideal words. It is not like that Word counter restrict you not to be expressive but this is a way to develop and ability and talent of expressing your full thoughts into short, concrete words. Long, descriptive paragraphs and content may be reduced by replacing long phrases to short meaningful and powerful words. Word counter allows you to enter your text in the given text box and calculate the amount of words and characters present in the given text.